It began as the story of one man and has now grown into one of the most impassioned property developers in Europe. Being the best by doing your best. Always. In new-build and redevelopment. Welcome to OVG.


Experience has taught us that it is the apparently unfeasible assignments that lead to the most innovative solutions. The only way to find a new way is to leave the beaten track. Our projects are a perfect example of this. The end-user is always at the forefront. Location and building type follow on from this. The building is not the end, just the means.

About OVG

When founder & CEO Coen van Oostrom started OVG at the age of 27 a lack of financial means forced him to create his own chances. It is his energy and ambition that has thus created the OVG method. Since then everyone joining OVG has shared the same enthusiasm and passion for our profession. This is what makes OVG so enterprising.


For us sustainability means managing the available resources as cleverly as possible in order to provide people with buildings that are not only beautiful but affordable and environmentally responsible as well. Having our own Sustainability Center enables us to continuously stay ahead of the market. Because finding the best green innovations for our clients is what we are all about.


As far as we are concerned property development is the best job in the world. Every day is an inspiration – bringing so many different expertises together and working together towards a common goal. Even when someone other than OVG does it. Here, you can read about everything that enthuses us and what makes us proud to be a property developer.


The stories of 3 iconic projects

  • Deloitte/AKD Zuidas

    Nothing but the best will do.
    Deloitte and OVG are kindred spirits: nothing but the best of the...

  • De Rotterdam

    A city on a postage stamp.
    When your ambitions are greater than the available space you have two...

  • Las Palmas

    Once due for demolition, now a city icon.
    After standing empty for years the old Las Palmas was...

Webcam van Deloitte/AKD Zuidas

Deloitte/AKD Zuidas

Nothing but the best will do.

Deloitte and OVG are kindred spirits: nothing but the best of the best will do. So it only seemed natural for them to want an office on the Zuidas Amsterdam, ‘the best place to work’ in The Netherlands for business and knowledge development. They will be accommodated together with AKD in a new, innovative BREEAM Outstanding office, which is the highest label attainable under this rating method. For more information check the BREEAM-NL Outstanding presentation by Deloitte/AKD.

The building’s modern, iconic design is ‘future-proof’ with an open layout that is all set for the modern way of working, and with ideal accessibility, of course. The building is named The Edge. Location: perfect, sustainability: the highest attainable, design: iconic, functionality: future-proof. The best of the best. Perfect for Deloitte’s search for global talent.



Deloitte, AKD
PLP Architecture
40,000 m2
BREEAM Excellent

Gustav Mahlerlaan 1, Amsterdam


Foto’s van De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam

A city on a postage stamp.

When your ambitions are greater than the available space you have two options: adapt either your ambitions, or the space. Architect Rem Koolhaas managed to add a third option: turn the city upside down. Or rather: stack it...

In order to accommodate all the city of Rotterdam’s massive plans for the Wilhelminapier, Koolhaas’ OMA Architecten, in collaboration with OVG and MAB, designed an entire district with apartments, hotel, entertainment and leisure amenities and offices. We then lifted the whole plan up and stacked it on top of each other. Literally. A vertical city.

De Rotterdam, named after the ‘SS Rotterdam’ of the Holland America Line, is currently the largest construction project in The Netherlands. This not only demonstrates architectural daring: the whole project and its financing was effected in full in the darkest days of the worldwide economic crisis. De Rotterdam proves that when there is little room for maneuver, both physically and financially, the solutions can be so much more creative.

Click here to see the construction progress.

Click here for "De Rotterdam" movie.

Click here for the documentary of the NOS.




Multifunctional building
Amvest, NH Hotels, City of Rotterdam
OMA, Rem Koolhaas
160,000 m2
GreenCalc+ A (offices)

Wilhelminakade, 3072 AP Rotterdam


Foto’s van Las Palmas

Las Palmas

Once due for demolition, now a city icon.

After standing empty for years the old Las Palmas was due for demolition. A pity, especially considering the history of the edifice. The building had been erected as workshop building for the Holland America Line by the architects Van den Broek & Bakema in 1953 and could certainly be considered part of the Dutch architectural heritage. After years of many different functions it finally fell into disrepair. Many plans were devised to save it, but none were feasible financially and it seemed to mean the end for the building...

OVG developed a business model that enabled the old warehouse not only to be saved, but also to make it something more than it had ever been. A unique mix of cultural and commercial organizations jointly provided a financially sound foundation on which this creative redevelopment project could be realized.

Most extraordinary, however, was not what happened inside the old Las Palmas, but what happened on top. A unique design by Benthem Crouwel Architecten enabled OVG to almost double the effective space of the property and furthermore create the most sought-after workplace in Rotterdam. In our view this project exactly encapsulates all that OVG stands for so it should come as no surprise that we decided to occupy this revolutionary property ourselves.



Offices; Redevelopment
Herman den Blijker, Nederlands Fotomuseum, de Jong Gortemaker Algra, MetrixLab, among others
Benthem Crouwel Architecten
24,000 m2
Union Investment

51.905529, 4.4870701



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Foto’s van HumboldtHafen Berlin

HumboldtHafen Berlin

OVG ist ein Berliner.

Now, what can a Dutch property developer accomplish in Germany? Well, OVG is going to be the first Dutch company to realize an office building of around 30,000m2 next to the new Central Station in the historic HumboldtHafen in Berlin. And not just any building, we are aiming to build the most sustainable office building in Germany.

An iconic place to work with the Reichstag, the Bundeskansleramt and the German Federal Parliament as famous neighbors. A location every property developer dreams of and a wonderful showpiece for our neighbors to the east compliments of OVG and the whole of The Netherlands.


Berlin, Kapelle-Ufer/ Alexander-Ufer

KSP J¸rgen Engel Architekten
30,000 m2

Kapelle-Ufer, Berlijn

Berlin, Kapelle-Ufer/ Alexander-Ufer

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