It began as the story of one man and has now grown into one of the most impassioned property developers in Europe. Being the best by doing your best. Always. In new-build and redevelopment. Welcome to OVG.


Experience has taught us that it is the apparently unfeasible assignments that lead to the most innovative solutions. The only way to find a new way is to leave the beaten track. Our projects are a perfect example of this. The end-user is always at the forefront. Location and building type follow on from this. The building is not the end, just the means.

About OVG

When founder & CEO Coen van Oostrom started OVG at the age of 27 a lack of financial means forced him to create his own chances. It is his energy and ambition that has thus created the OVG method. Since then everyone joining OVG has shared the same enthusiasm and passion for our profession. This is what makes OVG so enterprising.


For us sustainability means managing the available resources as cleverly as possible in order to provide people with buildings that are not only beautiful but affordable and environmentally responsible as well. Having our own Sustainability Center enables us to continuously stay ahead of the market. Because finding the best green innovations for our clients is what we are all about.


As far as we are concerned property development is the best job in the world. Every day is an inspiration – bringing so many different expertises together and working together towards a common goal. Even when someone other than OVG does it. Here, you can read about everything that enthuses us and what makes us proud to be a property developer.


Cees van der Spek

OVG Real Estate Rotterdam

As Sustainability Director Cees van der Spek is responsible for OVG Real Estate’s Sustainability & Concepts Centre. He is passionate about bringing people, innovation and architecture together into a successful team for the client. His driving force is his great enthusiasm for sustainability and product innovation, which came about during his previous job where he was active internationally for a global market leader in the field of building products. The organization’s creative anchor, Cees is also responsible for the Branding/PR department.

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OVG Nederland OVG Deutschland JOIN Ontwikkeling

“We believe that sustainable buildings stay affordable for our clients in the future and will be loved by many generations.”


OVG is an independent property developer and investor, actively run since 1997 by founder & CEO Coen van Oostrom. The company has four business units: OVG Nederland, OVG Germany, Investment Management and JOIN Ontwikkeling, a joint venture with Triodos Bank for social real estate. Each has its own management and dedicated staff. This keeps the company flexible and maneuverable. Within the entire organization we share the same aspiration: “OVG wants to maximize real estate values by being the leading European re/developer in zero-carbon sustainable buildings. We believe that sustainable buildings will stay affordable for our clients in the future and will be loved by many generations.”
To fulfill our mission we embrace five rules of corporate behavior:

  • Everyone an Entrepreneur: To stimulate a company culture in which everyone is an entrepreneur.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable development is second nature to us.
  • Honesty: Acting in accordance with our high ethical standards. Read our integrity code here.
  • Company Excellence: Aspiring to company excellence.
  • Ecstatic Customers: Go the extra mile, making the difference between a satisfied and an very satisfied client.

The four business units have been set up based on these five pillars so that we can ensure that we demonstrate the same quality and enthusiasm in all three of our fields of expertise.

  • OVG Nederland

    The historic heart of OVG. Responsible for all of OVG’s development and redevelopment projects in The Netherlands. With great expertise in offices, inner city and multifunctional buildings and areas. Distinctive in the real estate market due to development from the perspective of the end user rather than the location.

  • OVG Germany

    OVG’s international branch. Through our broad client-base and supported by our financiers we are taking further steps into Europe with this business unit, with Germany functioning as our second ‘home market’. We have seen that the ‘OVG way of doing things’ also gives added value over the border. Our methods and activities in The Netherlands also provide a solid foundation for our expansion into these new countries and local markets.

  • JOIN Ontwikkeling

    In 2010 OVG and Triodos Bank set up the joint venture JOIN Ontwikkeling. JOIN Ontwikkeling is aimed at sustainable social real estate for the care, education and culture sectors.

  • Investment Management

    OVG Investment Management is an institutional high-quality real estate investment company. Investment Management aims to create value for OVG and its external partners through well-timed investments in good quality office buildings in the Netherlands and Germany.


Financial results Sustainable growth


Summary of annual report 2014

OVG is proud to present the financial results achieved in 2014. OVG’s turnover was €191,709,000 with a net profit of €11,929,000 (pre-tax profit of €13,401,000). OVG is very pleased with last year's financial results. It shows that her predicted next round has actually started. The company’s cash position is the best in five years. The company therefore expects 2015 to see further investments in addition to the necessity of acquiring new development business.

Moving on to Another Level

OVG’s investments, combined with her entrepreneurship and clients, have culminated in taking OVG to Another Level. 2014 has been the start of a new era, discovering new territories and pushing boundaries.
 Real estate is brought to another level in terms of sustainability, innovation and technology: Healthier, smarter and more efficient office buildings contributing to smart cities.

We could not have achieved these results without the energy and effort of our relations. We thank everyone for the cooperation and trust in us.

Additional information

Click here for downloading the summary of our financial results in 2014. The original annual report can be requested via info@ovg.nl

Work at OVG

Personal Entrepreneurship Integrity Ambitions

Work at OVG

We see ourselves as an organization of individual experts that works as a team towards the same goals. OVG therefore has an open, non-hierarchic organizational culture that stimulates personal enterprise and integrity. It is precisely by relying on these individual qualities that enables us to remain a fast-moving and maneuverable company. Everyone who joins OVG is therefore encouraged to broaden his or her ambitions as widely as possible, for example in the OVG Excellence Program, our in-house training program. Personal training and on the job coaching also have a major part to play within OVG. For anyone who aims to be the best, OVG offers nothing less than the best, also in our terms of employment. If you believe you have the talent, but we do not currently have a suitable vacancy, then do not hesitate to tell us why we should create a position for you by mailing your reasons and CV to: hr@ovg.nl.


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